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michigan’s first certified passive house

Here we share some observations about and snapshots of the Passive House we had built in Oakland County, Michigan. All photographs were taken by us unless otherwise noted.

—Maura and Kurt Jung

Today we had the pleasure of hosting a forum of professionals with a keen interest in Passive House technology and building practices. The occasion was the balancing of the Zehnder ComfoAir Ventilation System by Zehnder representative Kevin Rapp. Ed Shank, the engineer who served as energy consultant for our home, was present for the commissioning, as was Ed Marion, an active proponent and practitioner of Passive House construction from Oakville, Ontario. Chris Coon and Christina Snyder took time off from building their Passive House (documented at MIpassivehouse.us) to join the group. Christina, one of the first 13 Certified Passive House Consultants trained in the United States, is the architect who introduced us to the Passive House standard two years ago. Two representatives from Mitsubishi Electric, Scott Ansley and Greg Driscoll, and two representatives from Young Supply, Steve Niezur and Dennis Kurzawa, were present. The event was organized by our builder, Michael Klinger. Our house is very efficiently ventilated with a Zehnder energy recovery ventilator and will be almost entirely heated and cooled by two Mitusbishi mini split units.



Michael and Kevin adjusting duct in crawlspace

Michael and Kevin adjusting duct in crawlspace

Kevin balancing ventilation system

Kevin balancing ventilation system

Steve N and Ed S

Steve N and Ed S

Ed M and Steve in attic

Ed M and Steve in attic

Ed M in lunch forum

Ed M in lunch forum

Kevin in lunch forum

Kevin in lunch forum

Mitsubishi representatives examining outdoor units

Mitsubishi representatives examining outdoor units

During and after lunch, the group discussed a wide array of topics pertinent to Passive Houses, ranging from engineering details to public acceptance issues.


April 2012

Breaking ground

Preparing the footings

Completing the footing forms

The Passive House standard


Footings poured

Crawlspace walls

Concrete poured

Additional insulation

Drain tile wrapped

May 2012

Backfilling and compaction

Crawlspace backfilled

Support posts installed

Framing delivered and barrier installed

Installing TJI joists

Installing the subflooring

Installing the first floor walls

Preparing for the second floor

Straight, Plumb, Level, Square and now Airtight

Second floor taking shape

Attic joists

Roof trusses

Roof trusses and attic deck

Roof deck and overhangs

Fascia boards

June 2012

Crawl space insulation and roof

Made in Michigan

Special delivery

Crawl space preparation

First floor preparation, TJI base

Sealing air barrier

Soffits and tape seams

First floor concrete and first envelope trusses

Crawlspace concrete

Excavating, trusses and crawlspace stairway

Water line excavation

Stairway, window framing

Fiberboard installation

Fiberboard installation and wrap

July 2012

Framing crawlspace walls

Envelope, plumbing

Beginning of wraparound porch


Porch and ceiling

Wrap-around porch

August 2012

Wrap-around porch

Window installation

Preliminary blower door test


September 2012

Wiring, insulation, porch roof


Siding progress

Well drilled

Mechanical system installation

October 2012

Insulation of inside wall

Drywall and siding


Drywall and attic insulation

Drywall, mechanical system

Wood floors and exterior painting

Doors and cabinetry delivered

November 2012

Exterior concrete, kitchen cabinets

Upstair floors, porch siding

Painting, tiling, flooring

WKAR interview, floor finishing

Exterior concrete, crawlspace walls and floor

Crawlspace floor

Compressors, exterior lights, tile

Entrances: drive and house

December 2012

Trim work

Front entrance

Floors and windows

Exemplary results in blower door test

Walkway, bathroom vanity top

Counter tops

Kitchen back splash tiling

January 2013

Upstairs painting

Upstairs painting and trim

Downstairs door finishing

Upstairs floor finishing, water conditioner

Downstairs painting

Kitchen shelf, painting

Cabinetry trim, painting

February 2013

Cabinetry hardware

Final interior painting

First Holly Passive House Conference

March 2013

Certificate of Occupancy


December 2013

Settled in

January 2014

Winter storm

February 2014



April 2014

Habitat restoration

May 2014


August 2015


February 2017

Life in a Passive House

December 2017

Are passive homes the future?

May 2019

Meanwhile, at the beaver dam

July 2020


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